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Jame Coleman Reeves & Francis Robinson - GA/AL

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PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2005 7:04 am    Post subject: Jame Coleman Reeves & Francis Robinson - GA/AL Reply with quote

We are trying to figure out where James Coleman Reeves was born (census list Georgia) and who his parents were (possibly Coleman Reeves). We can't locate James Coleman Reeves and Francis Robinson on any 1850 or 1860 census - would love help. It appears James was close to Francis family as her father Rias died and he was a guardian to her siblings. They moved from Macon County Alabama during late 1850's and by 1860 census were in Conechu County Alabama where James joined them by 1866.

James Coleman Reeves & Frances Robinson Timeline

Special Note:
Per the Reeves Review Book @ Memorial Volume by Emma Barrett, the know Coleman Reeves are:

Coleman Reeves (b1830 – too late to be our Coleman) who married a Mary Ann Garrett. He was the son of Frederick Reeves (b 1784 m 1820 d 1868) and Permelia Parrott (d 1866). This Coleman died in the Civil War. Some consideration for him include the fact that Thomas Mountain is in Talladega Co. in 1850 & 1860, the same county the other Coleman Reeves was living in before his death right after returning from the war in 1865. The two people who signed the guardianship are Thomas Mountain and Coleman Reeves. May be just coincidence. In 1840 a T. Mountain was in Harris Co. Ga. about the right age to be the same one. Also on the same page was a J. Reeves with a family large enough to be the Jonathon and James of N C in the 1850 Macon Co Census. Also two Angles on the same page.

Coleman Reeves (born between 1785-1815 – parent’s marriage to father’s death) who married Mary Reeves. He was the son of Jesse Reeves (b1760 d1815 in Jasper County, Georgia) and Sarah. There is a possibility we might be related to this one. Coleman Reeves married a Mary Reeves (1) in Jasper Co. Ga. on Mar. 7, 1822. Note some sources give unknown Reeves so the name Mary may not be on the marriage record. Most trees give this Coleman as the son of Jesse b. 1760; son of Malachi b. 1737; son of James b. Abt. 1703. It is unknown if this is the same Coleman that this search follows below. If it is then this would have been a second marriage since the oldest son was born abt. (1815-1819) before 1822.

Based on the Book these two Coleman’s are related through common relatives. Based on DNA test there is match to this line via. Barry and others and our DNA does not match. We do not appear to be related.

Time Line

**1824/1825 Census of Realty Owners – Upson County, Georgia
Listed Col(e)man Reeves…witnessed by John Richard. Also on list a John Garrett, note one of the Coleman Reeves married a Garrett. Couldn’t find relation. Could just be coincidence.

**1825 A Coleman Reeves appears on the poll tax roles of Upson Co. Ga. He pays a poll tax for a male over 21 which means he was born sometime before 1804 and pays tax on 202 Ac. of land lot #157. He sold 108 ac.of this land to Jesse B. Reeves in Sept. 1826. This Jesse B. is in Muscogee Co. Ga. in 1840

**1830 A Coleman Revis is found in the Muscogee Co. Ga. Census in the Town of Columbus. There is one male born between 1800-1810 (Coleman) and one between 1815-1820 (possible James Coleman); One female 1800-1810, one 1820-1825, and two before 1825. No other records yet found in the County Courthouse.

1830 Census – Jasper County, Georgia (page 358)
Ryous Robinson 1 mail age 20-30 (Rias Robinson) 1 female under age 5 (Frances) and 1 female 15-20 (Lucinda Henderson)
(first known fact)

**1832 A Coleman Reeves is listed in the Ga. Cherokee Land Lottery with information as follows: Number 271, Ninth District, third Section, Cherokee; residence- Flynn’s; County, Muscogee. Nothing else is known about this land.

**1832 Newspaper Notice – Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia
A letter was left remaining at the post office for Coalman Reeves. 4/1/1832 Columbus Enquirer notice.

1838 Newpaper Notice – Troup County, Georgia
All the perishable property..sold as the property of Rias Robison, deceased, for the benefit of heirs and creditors of said deceased. Terms cash. (signed) Lucy Robison, Adminstrator.

**1839 Newspaper Notice – Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia
A letter was left remaining at the post office for Coleman Reeves. 1/1/1839 Georgia Journal notice.

1840 A Colman Reevs (sp.) is found in the Russell Co. Al. census.
There is one male born between 1800-1810 (Coleman); one 1810-1820 (possible James Coleman); one 1820-1825 (possible William found in the 1850 Macon Co. Al. Census);
One female 1800-1810 and two 1825-1830. Three people are engaged in manufacturing. No other records yet found for Coleman in the Russell County Courthouse. Jesse B. of Muscogee Co. and Prior Reeves of Chambers Co. Al. had several land transactions in the 1840’s in Russell Co. William Reeves of Talbot Co. Ga. bought 80 Ac. in 1848

1843 A Coalman Reeves patented 40 ac. of land in south Macon Co. Al

1845 A Coalman Reeves patented 40.025 ac. of land in via Montgomery Alabama Land office. 10/1/1845. Section 15 Township 15N Range 25E Meridian St Stephens.

1846 Marriage – Macon County, Alabama
James (Coleman) Reeves (Sr.) married Frances E (or V.) Robi(n)son July 9, 1846

1846 Coalman Reeves patented another 40 ac. of land in south Macon Co.

1848 A Coalman Reeves patented 39.78 ac. of land in via Montgomery Alabama Land office. 5/1(or 10?)1848 Section 23 Township 15N Range 25E Meridian St Stephens.

1848 Guardianship – Macon County, Alabama
28th day of February 1848
This day came James REEVES and made application to this court to grant unto him Letters of Guardianship upon the person and property of William ROBINSON, Mary A. ROBINSON and John ROBINSON and Rias Saphronia ROBINSON minor heirs of Rias ROBINSON deceased, and the said James REEVES having entered into bond in the penal sum of one hundred and fifty dollars condition(?) as the law directs with Coleman REEVES and Thomas MOUNTAIN as Securities. It is ordered that said bond be approved and that Letters of Guardianship upon the person and property of the above named minors issue to the said James REEVES and that he return an inventory of said minors Estates within three months. And ordered that said Bond of Guardianship be recorded and filed.
[from Probate Record 1847-1852]

ROBINSON, RIAS, Returns C, p 220.
Date: not stated.
Administrator: Lucinda Robinson.
Inventory, appraisement and estate sale. Appraisers: John Lasseter, James Tison, Zachariah Estes.
Purchasers:Lucinda Robinson, Miles H. Estes, James H. Estes, Larkin Jordan, JamesLindsay, Obediah Belcher, William Robinson, James S. Tison, JohnRobinson, Eli E. Haralson, Harmon Cummings, James Stewart, Zachariah Estes, John A. Lawrence, Thomas J. Williams.

ROBINSON, RIAS. Return F. p. 413.
Date September 4, 1848.
Administrator: Lucinda Robinson.
Final return.
Legatees: Frances(wife of James Reeves), Lucinda Robinson, Mary Ann Robinson, John J.Robinson, William F. Robinson, Rias Robinson.

1849 James Coleman Reeves, Jr Born – Macon County, Alabama

1850 Lucy Ann Reeves born, approx.

1850 Neither Coleman nor James (Sr.) is found in the Macon Co. Census, nor have I been able to find them listed in any other Co. in the U. S. There is a William that might be Coleman’s son – see below.

1852 Marriage - Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia
John Angle and Sophronica Robinson. The Angle’s were on the 1850 Columbus census.
This means some connection to Columbus.
Per the Texas connection Contact: Vanessa Burzynski burzynsk@swbell.net

1853 Martha Reeves born
May 28, 1853

1854 Mortage - Macon County, Alabama
James Reeves mortgaged one of the 40 ac. parcels that had been patented by Coalman Reeves to a John Pride. Pride had married Cynthia Reeves 9/18/1843 in Macon County, Alabama. In the 1860 Census a Mrs. Mary Reeves age 55 and a M. Reeves, male, age 17(b. 1843) are living with John and Cynthia. It is not known if Coleman is still living or how James acquired the land. Mortgage to Pride was satisfied later that year. John Pride is listed on the 1850-1880 Macon County censuses. Mary Reeves only on the 1860.

1855 Another mortgage of the same 40 ac

1853-1857 Several crop mortgages are given by a James Reeves, but it is not known if some of these are given by another James Reeves listed in the 1850 Census of Macon Co

1856 Sophronica Angle born, approx. – Macon County, Alabama
June 1882 misc. births – son Rious is listed as born in Macon County, Alabama, 11, m, w, Sepulga beat, Alabama Angle, Sepulga beat, Rious W. Angle, Macon Co. (Rious child’s birth).

1859 Harriett Reeves born, approx.

1860 Coleman, James and William are not found in the 1860 Macon Co. Census, nor have I been able to locate them anywhere else. Except for William in 1850, their being missed in both 1850 & 1860 census years is a real mystery.

1860 Census – Conecuh County, Alabama - Robinson Family in Conecuh

1860 Conecuh Co. Ala. Rural Hill July 16, 1860 page 1101
1040/1002 Wm. ROBERTSON 26 farmer Ga.
Lucinda 51
Wm. D. 22 farm laborer [Who is the other William?]
Harriet 19 "
Michel 18 "
***Jno. HALL 11 Ala.

1041/1004 Jno. J. ROBERTSON 22 farmer Ga.
Emily 22 Ala.

John A(n)gle 29 Georgia
Sophronica A(n)gle (Robinson) 23 Georgia
William A(n)gle 7 Alabama
Rias A(n)gle 3 Alabama
John A(n)gle 1 Alabama
Meriwa A(n)gle 13 Alabama – no relationship on 1860 census)

1864 Sallie Reeves born

1865 John C. Reeves married a Miss. A. Murdock on Aug. 13, 1865 in Macon Co. Al.
Information has been furnished me by Teri Crow that this is John Coleman Reeves and Adeline Sarah Murdock, who is undoubtedly the son of the William listed in 1850.

1866 Civil – Post Civil War Census
James (Coleman) Sr. first appears in the post Civil War Census in Conecuh Co. Al. in 1866. The number and ages of his children match the 1870 Census.

1866 William Robert Reeves born

1869 Carrie Reeves born

1870 Census Conecuh County, Alabama
The following information has come from family members and headstones.
James Coleman Reeves, Sr., born Oct. 17, 1815; died Nov. 12, 1875
Frances V. Reeves, born Mar. 10, 1816 (probably b. 1829); died Aug. 12, 1917
Two daughters had married and left home between 1866 and 1870.
James Coleman Reeves, Jr., born Aug. 20, 1849; died Mar. 13, 1928; married a Countryman
Lucy Ann, born abt. 1850
Martha, born May 28, 1853; died Apr. 4, 1887; married a Fuller
Harriet, born abt. 1859; married a Chitty
Sallie, born abt. 1864
William Robert, born Jan. 20, 1866; died April 11, 1934; married a Joyner
Carrie, born abt. 1869; married an Allen

1870 Conecuh Co., Ala. Beat No. 1 Sepulga Aug. 1870 p 186
302/302 REAVES, James 51 m w Farm Laborer 100 100 Georgia
Frances 41 f w Keeping House Georgia
Lucy A. 20 f w Alabama
Martha 17 f w " Alabama
Coleman 14 m Farm laborer m w Alabama
Harriet 11 f w Alabama
Sally 6 f w Alabama
Robt. 3 m w Alabama
Corlia/Celia? 1 Alabama

303/303 PINKERTON, James 65 m w Farm Laborer Virginia
James Jr. 18 Ala. (married Lucy Reeves)
Webster 17 "
Mariah 14 f w

304/304 ROBERTSON, Lucinda f w 63 K. House Georgia
***HALL, John 20 m w Farm Laborer Alabama (son Lucinda found on side of road)
JOHNSON, Henry 15 m w Farm Laborer Ala. **(Note Lucinda’s mother was a Johnston)
SALTER, Henry 25 m b Ala. (black)

306/306 ROBERTSON, William 35 m w farmer 1000 800 Georgia
Harriet 26 Keeping House Ala.
John A. 10
Edney 7
BROWN, Susan 63 Georgia

307/307 ROBERTSON, John J. 26 m w farmer 500 300 Georgia
Emily 26 f w Keeping House Alabama
Sally 10
Mattie 6
John 3
Emily 1

309/309 ANGLE, John 40 m w Farmer 300 250 Georgia
Saphronia 30 f w Keeping House Georgia
William 18 m w Farm Laborer Att. school w/in yr Alabama
Rias 15 m w Farm Laborer "
John 12 m w att. school w/in yr.
Eliza 7 f w
Rhoda A. 4

310/310 ANGLE, Joseph 35 m Farm Laborer
Anna 25 f w Keeping House
Arola? 2 f w
ODOM, Saphronia 12 f w

1870 Census Macon County, Alabama
John Rives is listed in the Macon Co. Census for 1870 in the Warrior Stand Beat.
John (Coleman) Rives, age 26 (b. abt. 1844)
Adeline “, age 20 (b. abt. 1850)
The reason for their three small children not being listed with them is not known.

1880 Census Conecuh County, Alabama
Frances Reeves 45 Georgia widow
William 15 Alabama
Carrie 13 Alabama

C(oleman) Reeves (Jr) 22
Elizabeth (Countryman) 25
Wm (James Willie?) 4
James (David George Albert?) 4/12 months

1880 Conecuh Co. Census Beat 1 Mixon's June 14th, 1880 ED 46 p. 12C
2/2 ANGLE, Ryas w m 24 Farmer Ala Geo Geo
Alabama w f wife K. House Ala Ala Ala
Ally J. w m 7/12 born Sept. son at home
GILMORE, Tempy w f 65 Mother-in-law widow at home Ala. __ __
WRIGHT, Wade b m 20 Servant Farm Laborer Ala Ala Ala
MITCHEL, Sindy B f 68 Servant House Laborer Vir Vir Vir
1880 Conecuh Co. Ala. Beat 1 Mixon's June 26, 1880 ED 46 p. 19B
4/4 ANGLE, John w m 49 Farmer Ga Ga Ga
Saphrona w f 38 wife K. House Ga Ga Ga.
Rody w f 13 dau at home Ala Ga Ga
Fanny w f 7 niece at home Ala Ga Ala.
John w m 4 nephew at home Ala Ga Ala
5/5 Angle, Wm. w m 25 Farmer Ala Ga Ga.
Ginny w f 22 wife K. House Ala Ga Ga
Sim w m 5 son at home Ala Ala Ala
Alvin w m 2 son at home Ala Ala Ala
Elmore w m 1 son at home Ala Ala Ala
Mary Ann w f 12 cousin laborer Ala Ala Ala
HAYGOOD, Geo. b m 17 Servant Farm Laborer Ala __ __
1880 Monroe Co. Ala. Census Germany, Beat #9, ED 153, June 16th-17th, 1880 p. 403+
188/190 ROBBINSON, Wm. L. w m 47 Farmer Ga Ga Ga.
Harriett w f 39 wife Keeping House Ga Ga. Va.
John A. w m 20 son Laborer Ala. Ga Ga
Mary w f 10 dau At school
Susan w f 8 dau At school
Lucy w f 6 dau At home


Possible Connection to Coleman Reeves is through possible son William:

1850 Neither Coleman nor James (Sr.) is found in the Macon Co. Census, nor have I been able to find them listed in any other Co. in the U. S. But there is a William in Macon Co. as follows:
William Reeves age 29 (b. 1821) in Ga.
Elizabeth age 22 (b. 1828) in Ga.
John (Coleman) age 4 (b. 1846) in Al.
Martha age 2 (b. 1848) in Al.
This could very well be the son of Coleman enumerated in the 1840 Russell Co. Al. census.

1880 Census - Macon County, Alabama
John Reaves is listed in the Macon Co. Census for 1880 in the East1/2 of beat 1
John (Coleman) Reaves, age 36 (b. 1844)
Adeline, age 35 (b. abt. 1845)
Georgia, age 15 (b. 1865)
J. T. (John Thomas), age 13 (b, 1867)
(Henry) Coleman, age 11 (b. 1869)
(Fletcher) Lee, Age 2 (b. 1878)

Based on the information sent me by Raymond Mueller.
Unless we can find an male off-spring of this William; (since he is not found in any census after 1850 it will be hard) maybe through a descendent living in the area of Macon Co.; we will be limited to the off-spring of John Coleman.
Henry Coleman Reeves 1868-1937
William Thomas Dewey Reeves 1899-1921 not likely since he did not live very long.
Fletcher Lee Reeves 1887-1920
John Henry Lee Reeves 1901-1977 Possible Sons
Rudolph Norman 1909-1973 Possible Sons
Robert Lee b 1917 not likely
Walter Edgar Reeves 1920-1944 Short time,but possibl`e

Rudolph N Reeves died 3/26/1973 and was born 1/26/1909. He died Gainesville, Hall, Georgia. SS #259-09-3093. (note Ken ordered this certificate 4/9/05 – looking to see who signed to try and trace to a son to take DNA test).

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